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Get a taste of what to expect at Home of Carlsberg. The rest is a surprise when you visit.

A tale of two brewers

Through engaging videos, interactives, and historical assets, the exhibition unfolds the intriguing story of Carlsberg and Carlsberg's founder, J.C. Jacobsen and his son, Carl Jacobsen.
You will learn how father and son had utterly different assumptions about brewing and how this has affected the Carlsberg we know today.

The secret ingredient is science

Science has been deeply rooted in Carlsberg since 1875 when J.C. Jacobsen founded The Carlsberg Research Laboratory. The Laboratory has since then done groundbreaking research for the development of beer. You will learn about the brewing process and the science behind beer through games and interactives.

The Foundations

Nearly 30 percent of Carlsberg's profits go to science, the arts, and communities through the foundations – The Carlsberg Foundation, New Carlsberg Foundation, and the Tuborg Foundation.
Dive into all the charitable initiatives in the exhibition that are bound together by their focus on quality, responsibility, civic-mindedness, and the desire to share and give back to society. The same values that J.C Jacobsen built the Carlsberg Foundation upon in 1876.

Bottles from wall-to-wall

The hidden treasure in the basement consists of more than 22,000 beer bottles. Discover bottles from all over the world from the 19th century to today. Go to the screens and see the whole collection unfold digitally. Can you find your favourite beer?

The power of machinery

J.C. Jacobsen used the most innovative machinery when he build his state-of-the art brewery in 1847. The machines are still here, retired, but ready to be explored when you visit.

The lively courtyard

The courtyard is Home of Carlsberg's beating heart. Here, you can come together over the world's best beer. Probably. Now and then, you can enjoy live music and special events.

The Sculpture garden

Take a walk through the Sculpture Garden and see a small part of The Carlsberg Family's art collection. Remember to stop by The Little Mermaid’s sister, who is sitting and observing the quiet garden. Did you know The Little Mermaid was a gift to Copenhagen from Carl Jacobsen? He has left many art marks on the city.

Taste Carlsberg

This is our hoppy place and the ideal area for enjoying a perfectly served beer fresh from the taps. You will meet a mixture of our proud heritage and modern, Scandinavian elements, setting the perfect scene to enjoy the best beer in the world. Probably.

Our four-legged friends

At the stable at Home of Carlsberg, we are so lucky to have five fantastic draught horses. When they are not on their daily tour around Copenhagen with the horse carriage or in the horse paddock at J.C. Jacobsen's garden, you can come and meet them. In the stable, you’ll also meet our three adorable ponies.

The horse carriages

At Carlsberg, we have had draught horses since 1847, originally 14 horses transporting beer around Copenhagen and up to 250 in the 1940s. It’s a big part of our history and makes people smile when they meet them around the city pulling the horse carriage as their daily exercise.

The vintage cars

The stable also hosts our four-wheeled ambassadors – our lovely vintage cars. You’ll for instance find a little Morris that supplied the ships in the harbour of Copenhagen with beer until 1966. After many years in retirement, it was restored and fitted with a draught beer system and has now landed a job in marketing.

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