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Madklubben and Home of Carlsberg opens new restaurant

Madklubben and Home of Carlsberg opens new beer and dining experience in the original Carlsberg brewery



On 8. November, Madklubben and Home of Carlsberg will officially open the doors to a new restaurant and bar in the original Carlsberg brewery from 1847 under the name Madklubben Home of Carlsberg. 

With the newly established restaurant and bar on Gamle Carlsberg Vej, which invites locals, tourists, and passers-by into the smell of freshly brewed beer and food that will awaken the senses, guests are welcomed to a historic location in the middle of Carlsberg Byen. The restaurant and bar will be open for both lunch and dinner and will have a direct connection to the newly renovated cultural attraction, Home of Carlsberg.

The collaboration between Madklubben and Home of Carlsberg is a unique opportunity to get a taste of Carlsberg's diverse beer heritage, feel the presence of history and enjoy Madklubben's take on classical dishes. The lunch menu will offer a selection of open sandwiches, and the evening dishes are a modern take on Madklubben’s 3-course menu.

Anders Aagaard, founder of Madklubben, says: "This is where it all started, where Carlsberg originates –and you can feel it is a place full of history. At Madklubben, we look forward to writing the next chapter at this historic place." 

As a guest at Madklubben Home of Carlsberg, you can taste unique experimental beers brewed by Husbryggeriet Jacobsen, which has their home in the same building. The beer tanks in the bar are directly connected to the brewery, so there will always be a flow of freshly brewed beer directly into the tanks and on the taps – it doesn't get any fresher! From the main entrance, there is also a direct view of the eye-catching copper kettles, which are actively involved in the brewing process for the innovative and experimental beer Husbryggeriet Jacobsen is known for. 

"We are incredibly pleased with the collaboration with Madklubben. They match our high ambitions, and together, we can create a perfect overall experience for the guests at Home of Carlsberg. The collaboration allows us to focus on what each of us is good at and thereby create the best surroundings for an ultimate food and beer pairing," says Tine Kastrup-Misir, Director of Home of Carlsberg. 

Beer as the centre of attention 
With a unique location in the middle of the new cultural attraction Home of Carlsberg, the beer appears in several elements. The food has been carefully matched to the changing selection of specially brewed beer, and the beer and residual production from the beer will continuously appear as ingredients in several of the dishes. 

Chris Thurgeson, Head Brewer at Husbryggeriet Jacobsen, says: "The beer is developed here in the brewery – some of it in collaboration with the Carlsberg Research Laboratory. It allows us to explore and experiment with different raw materials to push the boundaries of how beer is brewed – and give guests at Madklubben Home of Carlsberg a unique taste experience." 

It is now possible to book a table from 8 November in what will become Madklubben’s largest restaurant with room for up to 300 guests and 100 people in a private room. Book your table here 

In addition to the restaurant, Madklubben will ensure visitors can enjoy a light meal accompanied by freshly brewed beer in the courtyard. This part will open when Home of Carlsberg opens on 1 December. 

About Madklubben 
Madklubben opened its first restaurant in 2007 and welcomes guests at more than 40 restaurants nationwide today. Madklubben Home of Carlsberg is Madklubben's first restaurant in Carlsberg Byen. Read more about Madklubben here. 

About Home of Carlsberg
Carlsberg opened the area around the original brewery on Valby Bakke in 1982 under Visit Carlsberg. The entire site and listed buildings have been carefully restored for the past five years and will open on 1 December 2023 as a new cultural attraction. Read more about Home of Carlsberg here. 

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Madklubben Home of Carlsberg

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Madklubben Home of Carlsberg

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Madklubben Home of Carlsberg

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